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Instructions to play tossing coins to earn $ 10 | extremely easy day

Chơi game tung đồng xu kiếm tiền cực dễ


Proof of payment
Total Transfer 35.52 $ Total Receive 68.4 $ ⇒ Profit 32.88 $
  • Play without registering an account.
  • Pay immediately after few seconds.
  • Low stakes only from $ 0.05.
  • Win rate up to 50%.
  • The amount of food after each Win 200% - 500%.
  • The maximum amount of Win each time is only 512 - 2,500 $.
  • The $ number in each hit cannot be customized.
  • Only play in $ at PM (Perfect Money).
Basic play
  1. Visit to get started.
  2. Choose Heads or Tails coin face and choose the amount of money to play.
  3. Click Play Now! or Win depending on the site then confirm payment by PM.
  4. Wait for the result, if Win money will automatically jump to PM account
  5. If losing, fight against x2 of the previous bet.

That's the basic way to play a site, you should combine multiple sites play during the day to earn a lot of $. Each site should only eat about $ 1-3 should not be big gluttons, playing about 10 sites is you also have a decent amount.
  1. l7game (Win eat 200%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  2. eggame (Win eat 200%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  3. 1goldgame (Win eat 200%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  4. get-gold (Win eat 200%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  5. bet2gold (Win eat 200%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  6. gold-gambler (Win eats 200%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  7. gugold (Win eat 210%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  8. 7double (Win eats 210%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  9. lrgame (Win eats 250%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  10. perfectmoneylotto (Win eat 250%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  11. headtailgame (Win eat 250%) [IMG] checked play delicious
  12. updating ...

And other sites for those with good resources, lots of capital:
Profit-taking tactics
- First hit with 0.1 (if lose hits x2)
- 2nd hit of 0.2 (still lose beat x2)
- 3rd wave 0.4 Win => interest (return to play 0.1)

- First time to play 0.1 (if Win => select another coin face to play next)
- The second time to play 0.1 (still Win => change interest and face the coin again)
- Third hit with 0.1 (if lose hits x2)
- 4th hit 0.2 (still lose beat x2)
- 3rd time to play 0.04 Win => interest (return to play 0.1 and change the coin face)

How to play safer:

- First time to play 0.1 (if Win => interest)
- 2nd hit against 0.1 (if defeated against 0.1)
- 3rd Win => breakeven

Particularly for sites with high Win rate such as 300% - 500%, you should type bait, 3-5 times you hit small only $ 0.1 if you win immediately, then profit already, and if you lose, we wait until 5th to 6th thang bang to eat Win.
The note when playing
  • First you have to be alert while playing, not in a hurry, greedy.
  • When playing a site that sees interest, take a break immediately, don't play for long.
  • When playing site 1 see interest we move to another site, should not hit only 1 site.
  • Change the site repeatedly if you feel you have lost a lot.
  • Do not hit only one face Head or Tail too many times.
  • There may be repeated losses so please prepare $ enough to turn Win.
  • Hit quickly to avoid being eaten by others.
  • Check the playing history continuously to know the ratio of Win, the number of players crowded or small.

For example, you see the playing history of the following sites offline!

Player history at site

Player history at site

Wish you make a lot of money and remember to follow this article to update the status of the sites, I will regularly add more good sites to eat more $$$. Thanking you!

Those who do not have $ PM yet can buy it through automated buying and selling sites such as:

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