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Actually to say that the instructions to make money sounds a bit expensive :))) Here I just called
Share your play tactics with you. This site is just for entertainment
Come on guys, don't dry your blood with him. Rich is fast but also very fast die
That home.
Pmdice is a site that only invests in PM money, this is not PTC, Reshare,
HYIP… .is a form of money-playing gambling site (RED - BLACK)
-Create a nick quickly
- Quick payment (within 1s)
-The site interface is easy to see
-Easily making $
-Can make you lose $ in 1 note
DISCLAIMER: Those who have gambling blood should consider before playing :)))

1.Create an account
Click on the banner:

Or click on the link:
The registration is very simple. When you click on the banner / link above, the screen will look like

You enter your preferred name in the box and click Get Started. Then the nick will be
Create immediately if not the same name
And the screen shown will look like this:

I would like to introduce through the important sections
1.A place for you to set up your password and email address. The next time you log in then
just remember the username at the beginning and the password is fried (recommended not to create
Many nick to play offline)
2. All the space in frame 2 is where you earn $ or lose $ :)))
3.This is the place to display the amount of money you currently have

4.To dep on, then click here. Simple dep so I do not guide
again. When dep dep, the money will show in item 3
5.This section is well known and everyone likes. A place for doctors to withdraw capital and interest. MIND

For example: currently my account has 1 $

New players should advise you to place small when experienced, the following calculation:
-Bet Amount: Where you bet money, Min is 0.0001 and Max is the whole amount
are in Balance
-Profit on win is the profit when winning (This place changes due to Payout or Win Change)
-Payout and Win Change are two different boxes but the tasks are the same. Yourself
recommend that you fill in the Win Change to make it easy (when filling in one of the 2 places
the rest will change itself. This is where you enter the win rate. Want to win
If you are high, enter% higher but only profit when you enter <45%, enter% High
meaning less profit and vice versa (I only play 40%)
-When you've determined the amount of $ you want to bet then you click on Roll Dice to fight
Currently, there are also many tactics led by many friends, but I play along
His way is as follows:

Times Amount of money Wins Lose

$ 0.0001 x
2 $ 0.0001 x
3 $ 0.0004 x
4 $ 0.0004 x
5 $ 0.0004 x
6 $ 0.0008 x
7 $ 0.0016 x
8 $ 0.0032 x

This means that after each loss, you should enter twice as much as the previous $
is profitable.
One more experience to share with you on how to see the color index in the middle of the frame

-Green is Thang
-Black is the win rate closer
-Red is Lose
For example, when you shoot in green with the threshold of 13-22, the next time it is easy to eat green, if 2
the next time you go to the black stall, you should reduce the amount of $ bet because 2 times trc just ate
And so after the black, the rate of redness is very high.
One more thing for you to win easily: You should see the number of times you win and losse to know
Are you in the black line or the red line? Usually the red string will take 3-5, then the 4th and 6th will be (Times

3 times lost 4 times DC, times 5 times 6 times DC). And the black line is continuously lost 8 times, you should give the site
reload to remove the black line.
To easily track your win and losse times, you click on My Bets

Since this is a red and black betting game, nothing is 100% eaten. Advise you not to be ham
pit so k k know stop. In the example, I filled out the min but all played $ 0.001 :)))
Above are some of my small experiences to share with you. Looking forward to closing
Comments from many other players
Wishing you luck luck !!!!!!!!!

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