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Game Play to make money initially only need 1 $

Proof of payment immediately via PM (Perfect Money) ie when the withdrawal order is completed after a few seconds is in the account immediately available money.

[IMG] - At first, when he was playing, he was beaten so much, after that, his blood was too big, so he was blessed.


The site name is PMdice is a game site played by PM with the form of turning over, dice, only 2 cases STRAIGHT OR LOSE.

- The minimum initial investment may be $ 1 or more like $ 5 $ 10 $ 20 depending on the ability of each person.
- Deposit and withdrawal fees are low 0.5% (PM transaction fee).
- Super fast deposit and withdrawal, no withdrawal is always pending or waiting for approval.
- Can be played whenever free.
- The maximum amount of WIN is up to $ 600 per hit.


1. How to register:

- You visit (my ref link, everyone registered to support, I only get 0.2% of the money when you play win)

- Next, enter the account name, click Get Started, then you need to set up a password and email, press SET and enter email + password.

2. How to play:

- In the box *** AMOUNT you enter the number of $ you want to put, next to the PAYOUT box is the rate of food, the default is 2x but do not leave so little it must be 2.01x

If anyone does not understand can see the configuration image, usually play 2.01x to 4x when the blood dose completely play 5x 6x



Above is a basic guide on how to play, now a strategy game to optimize profits and avoid losing rates.

Scenario 1: Play PAYOUT for 2.01x - 2.1x (this type is safe but with little interest)

With this type of WIN rate is very high, there are WIN times to 16 times in a row. Knowing that, but the roots will be better.

Fight like this:

Case 1 First time: Put 0.0001 (the lowest level) if you lose the 2nd wave 0.0002
So after losing 2 times in a row, the ratio of 3rd time WIN will be high, then now we put 3 times higher value for example 0.0004, usually play as high as 0.01 to eat a lot. Whoever wants to be safe, put it small. ATTENTION WHEN TAKING IT BACK TO THE SMALL MODE 0.0001

Case 2 First time: Put 0.0001 (smallest level) if you lose next game 0.0002 times 3 still lose, you will play 0.0004, then you will double play twice before. Whoever wants to risk hitting big will go. ATTENTION WHEN TAKING IT BACK TO THE SMALL MODE 0.0001

Case 3 .... invite you to create more

With the type of high win 40% - 48%, they have never met more than 10 times in a row, so please choose a good opportunity and spread it.

Scenario 2: Play PAYOUT for 3.x - 4x (pay big profit but dangerous)

This type win less but profit higher than you hit the same scenario 1 but pay attention to lose many times in a row and then bang big.


- Calm confidence not spicy when playing
- Prepare enough $ in acc to ready to fight when encountering losses> 10 times to wait for the turn to eat Win.
- After every day of playing if the interest is high, you should withdraw all the $ in the account (avoid scam site or reset)
- Should only play small, eat a few hundred dollars thin, play a few k $ should be very careful.
- Do not manually register acc to ref cross, need to be blocked is blocked $ loss.
- Not too greedy, if interest is then rest. Because some game sites often let them eat for a few dollars, tens of dollars before they play it for themselves.

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